We are continously working to improve Diri and we have implemented a minor patch on the 15th of November. The patch contains the following minor bug fixes and improvements:

Fix Comments
Add Backwards compatibility and crash catch for causes and consequences with bad occurence reference Some causes and consequences caused Diri to crash after v1.1 launch.
Add Column updates in Select Existing Treatment modal. With custom filterings Added sorting on treatment type and class when selecting existing measures
Add Compressed ‘’All Occurences’’ and ‘’Without Occurrence’’ buttons in Diri risk assessment Made more room for the events in main risk assessment view
Add Displaying assettypes in Asset Registry properly Minor bug fix
Add Duetime treatments display in Treatments page fixed Minor bug fix
Add No longer deleting treatment when deleting last attached cause and consequence. Keeping treatment without any connection (Global) Deleting a cause or consequence no longer deletes associated treatments. Treatments are still available for use.
Add Showing correct datetime on all treatments Minor bug fix
Add Substantially lowered requirements to progress Riskevaluation stages Temporary fix: Passing a checkmark in the risk assessment process now has minimum requirements. Checkmarks will be exchanged with progress bars for improved tracking in coming version.
Fix Accessing users paged properly Minor bug fix (org users not visible in list)
Fix Added missing language in Organisation tree Minor bug fix
Fix Correctly showing Onetimecost in Treatment list Minor bug fix
Fix Date and time displays correctly in System Summary and Treatmentplan Minor bug fix
Fix Displaying Duetime Month correctly in Actionplan and System Print Summary Minor bug fix
Fix Displaying Occurence Type/Name correctly in System Summary Print Minor bug fix
Fix Editing user unit and password correctly Minor bug fix
Fix Ordering Cause event consequence columns in System Print Summary Minor re-arrangement in risk assessment report
Fix PageTable now keeps selected sorting when changing page size Minor bug fix
Fix Small language fix: ‘’Deltagere av risikovurderingen’’ – > ‘’Deltagere i risikovurderingen’’ Language update
Fix Tasks that you assign to yourself no longer appears in the Assigned to other users -card Minor bug fix
Fix Using mark Modified to properly disconnect causes and consequences when deleting occurrence (Fixes causes and consequences with empty occurrence issue) Minor bug fix
Logo in notification email fixed Minor bug fix
Remove Dashboard card ‘’Offentlig Rett’’ from new user defaults Removed old dashboard card
Remove Users Operation column Removed column in user list