We are continously working to improve Diri and we are excited to bring you a new update with major upgrades. We will bring visual changes to the dashboard, risk assessment, and risk treatment plan. We will also introduce multiple new functionalities into Diri and major improvements to usability. The update will be implemented by the first of November.

Changes to the menu and dashboard:

  • The Risk register has been added to the main menu (illustrated to the right). The risk register lists all the visible risks for the user, ranks them according to severity, and allows the user to search using the filtering function.
  • Asset register has been added to the main menu. The asset register lists all the visible assets, sorts them, and allows the user to search using the filtering function.
  • New dashboard card for showing missing information in registered risk assessments.
  • We are opening up Diri for risk assessment of additional types beyond systems. “Systems” has changed its name to “Risk assessments” to facilitate other objects in the database. The assessment type is visible and can be sorted in the “Risk assessments” overview.
  • Dashboard cards previously designed for systems now allow for switching between object types when displaying data (e.g. systems, organizational assessments, etc.)
  • An administrator can now move his user vertically in his organization for administrative purposes.
  • “Processes” has been removed from the main menu. Risk assessment of processes is on the roadmap and will be added when we have the module ready.
  • The Diri-helper can be closed by clicking the X in the upper right corner. (Illustrated below)

Updates to risk assessment functionality:

  • A new type of organizational/overarching risk assessment has been added to the choices in the Diri-helper. This risk assessment type can be conducted at the top level of the organization to map key systems, assets, risks, and controls to ease the way into Diri.
  • The risk assessment model has received a visual update and now allows for drag and drop between causes, events, and consequences for increased usability. Illustrated below, the number of connections per cause and consequences is displayed as the number below the chain icon.
  • Added new functionality for registering participants in a risk assessment.
  • The risk matrix now has a third view for inherent risk without any control effects (illustrated at the top of the article).
  • Added library and categorization for events in risk assessments with alternatives. (This functionality will be added to both causes and consequences in future versions).
  • A new view of causes and consequences displays existing controls without opening the description itself.
  • New print functionality tailored for printing a ready report of risk assessment.
  • The treatment plan has received a visual update and now contains cards for each treatment.

No software is withoug bugs, and we are continously working with bug fixes:

  • Microsoft Azure AD login issue is fixed.
  • Diri not calculating treatment effect for consequences has been fixed.
  • The Diri-helper no longer needs to run all the way through to prevent it from popping up.
  • Several minor bug fixes in various functionality as well.

Diri is continously getting better! Diri is the way to get better at cybersecurity risk management.