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The story

Diri AS is a cyber security risk management company founded in 2020. Our vision is to make the cyber world a better place, and our mission is to establish the best practice within the cyber risk area. Our goal is to be your security expert and make high-quality risk assessments available to all who need them.

A data breach can be catastrophic for a company. It can cause economic loss, downtime, legal consequences, and damage its reputation. In addition, new devices connected to critical infrastructure are going online every day. As a society, we depend on improving our perception of cyber risk, and Diri contributes to this.


Our vision

Make the cyberworld a better place.


Our mission

Establish the best practice within the cyber risk area.

Our values



We work for the highest quality in all levels and areas every step of the way.



Sustainability is a key motivation and a guideline in all we do and create. Read our Code of conduct.



We always seek to find better solutions and continuously develop risk management for the future.