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Read the latest news about Diri and articles about cyber risk management and other relevant topics within the cyber risk area. In our community, you will find comprehensive articles about risk management in the Diri application.

  • Illustration of risk management.

    ISO 27001 and deviations in risk management

    Has your company undergone an ISO 27001 audit and received deviations in risk management? Then Diri can help you!

  • Risk analysis with Bowtie

    The Bowtie model is a diagram that visualises the connection between the cause and consequence of unwanted events. And not least, it shows how many different causes and consequences an event can have.

  • Digital resilience

    Meld. St. 9 (2022-2023) National control and digital resilience to safeguard national security were presented on 9 December. In this report, the government will further strengthen society’s collective resilience against digital threats.

  • The downside of apps

    Diri has spoken about the use of apps in several different media this autumn. Why do we think it is so important?

  • Pitching competition and closing of the Pressure Tank

    For the past three weeks, Diri, as one of four selected companies from all over Norway, has participated in “KLP Trykktanken Cyber”. Yesterday was the closing and pitching competition for an external panel.

  • Use Diri to work on NSM’s basic principles

    If you have completed the “NSM’s basic principles for ICT security” course, you may wonder how you can best work to get this introduced in your company. Diri can help you with this efficiently and clearly!

  • Vebjørn Slyngstadli, CEO of Diri.

    Diri in pressure tank

    For the first time, CoFounder is conducting a Cyber ​​Pressure Tank, and Diri is one of four selected companies from all over the country participating. KLP Trykktanken Cyber ​​is an accelerator program of approximately four intensive weeks where you set speed and direction for business ideas with large market potential.

  • Innovation Award to Diri

    Digital Innlandet’s Innovation Award 2022 was announced during RESTART, a conference on digital competence, management and business development in Hamar, on Thursday. A unanimous jury nominated Diri AS as this year’s award winner!